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Blaine Aviation - Public Bidding

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Blaine Aviation Bidding


Hello everyone!


If you've ever wanted to soar the skies, run regional flights and teaching the next generation of pilots, Legal Faction Management are offering a unique opportunity to run your own flight school. As the biggest issuer of pilots licenses, you will play an important role in setting the standard expected for aviation roleplay and working with Legal Faction Management and other legal factions to push aviation roleplay to new heights (literally)! As we have never offered a faction to public bidding before, we don't have a strict format that we'd like you to follow, but we would like you to consider the following as requirements.


  • Good admin record. Historic punishments are fine but avoid recent infractions.
  • Demonstrable roleplay quality - experience in other legal/illegal factions beneficial but not essential.
  • Realistic assets. As this faction will be focused a lot on high-value aircraft, ensuring your characters have realistic assets will give us the best confidence to allow you to succeed.
  • Demonstrable aviation experience. We're not expecting you to be a pilot with a hundred thousand flight hours, but we would like to see examples of your aviation knowledge/experience. Perhaps you've been involved in a flight simulator community?
  • A group of people are preferred. While you can apply on your own, we will give applications with more people behind them more weight so that they can kick on and get off to a flying start (get it?).


We don't have a strict format, but please send a letter of interest detailing how you meet all the above to @MrsHamster @HaveADream and @Everett. We will keep this application open until the position is filled.


Kind regards,

Legal Faction Management

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