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I stay away from social media in rp games because I personally don't enjoy it, but the people who are claiming it's breaking their immersion are hilarious.    It's an absolute non-issue, and it being on the suggestions board is just as hilarious.


Can't wait for the GTA:World version of that dude tryna sue Twitch because he could not stop watching Pokimane and tugging at it over a little bit of forearm skin, but with them suing Facebrowser for them letting women smile.

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I think FaceApp is a wonderful tool. It allows me to give my character a more natural smile as opposed to GTA's smile expression (the default smile in GTA makes it look like your character is eating their upper lip). It also turns some really ugly hairstyles into hairstyles that look amazing. I don't get all the hate towards it, to be fairly honest. As long as you only use it to lightly touch up your character (because overly processed FaceApp photos that turn you into a new person look ridiculous), then there is no problem. It only breaks your immersion if you give it the power to. 

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I don't see the issue in letting people portray their character how they wish for them to be perceived.


GTA has limited options, hence why people mod their games. If someone wants to show their character how they envision them, I have no issue with that. You wanna call them out for it IC, that's your decision to make - but don't stop people trying to be a little creative with their character.


I don't use Faceapp but I used to. These days I'm happy with how my character looks but in the past, I've had issues with things that I didn't have the skill to fix.

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Thing is, natural expressions that you can use from the Menyoo "Moods" menu in Ped Options look even worse than what FaceApp looks like. A FaceApp smile might look cringy and perhaps a bit creepy, but a GTA 5 Smile just looks like you're genuinely slow... mentally. I don't want to use the word "retarded" because it's not politically correct, so let's just say that your character literally looks like they have down syndrome when you pick the "Happy" mood. Other moods do not look that great either, trust me.

This topic is not about Facebrowser over all but let me say this: many of us are there using it as an archive or as a way to hook up with friends. Not all of us like having character threads, it takes time and focus from your RP because you have to constantly screenshot your actions on lower end hardware because you can't just leave stuff to record. Personally I'm just a dude IRL, I'm bad at multi tasking. I am either roleplaying or I'm not roleplaying, but I still want to have something to showcase my character on the side and that's why Facebrowser is great. Not many people follow or actually care about character threads neither to be honest.

My character is a slightly edgy grunge/e-thot. If you want me to stop using mods and Photoshop, then go tell Cockstar Games to give us clothing that isn't so 2010 and shit looking. I can't portray my character's looks properly without mods and Photoshop, it's simple. Don't throw all of us into one bag with the people who use Liquify to make their character's mommy milkers double G size because most of us don't care about them and if anything, we don't agree with sexualizing characters over all.

Certain people ruin the immersion and portrayal of this server, and so they ruin Facebrowser too. If Klara Erikson didn't post her fucking tits ten times in a row despite having her photos deleted every time she did it, we wouldn't have so much mod enforcement on Facebrowser. If people didn't troll mixing what's IC and OOC, we wouldn't have other issues.

This server and it's social network are good at heart, it's just certain people who can't keep their dicks in their pants ruining it.

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15 minutes ago, hentai! said:

I don't want to use the word "retarded" because it's not politically correct


15 minutes ago, hentai! said:

let's just say that your character literally looks like they have down syndrome




no idea what you're talking about btw




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Well, if you use it just to make your character laugh or smile, then it shouldn't really be a problem.


But if you use it to make your character actually look like a real life person with too much edits, then that shouldn't be allowed.

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I wouldnt say ban it because its not like immersion breaking or like rule breaking really, its not gonna negatively influence on your RP or even your experience here. But we may as well keep the thread up as a general PSA to anyone using it that your character does not look good on Faceapp. It makes your character look weird and shit. Not just bad, but shit. I know its annoying that the characters don't smile but stop using it as a way to make them smile it does NOT pull off the look you want. It makes them look creepy. Look up the Vampires from Buffy the Vampire Slayer on google. Congrats. Thats your character on faceapp.

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Some people sure love trying to control what others can and cant do, even if its online and not ig. Dont know should I be worried or amused.


no one REALLY cares.


“Focus on your own character” is getting to the number one spot as my fave quote

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