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The Chinatown Collective 唐人街集體


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The Hong Shou Triad aims to portray a modern take on a Chinese-American (Hong Kong) Triad. The Hong Shou Triad is a deeply rooted and secretive organization that puts up a legal and polished facade to the public eye while operating behind the scenes on a deeper criminal level. Above everything, we emphasize character development & authentic scenes to occur within & outside of the organization. Coming into the faction, your expectations should be that everything must be treated strictly in-game. At any time your character may be insulted, assaulted, or even killed. Recruitment & progression will be all IC and may take a while or short time depending on interactions with your character. We encourage new members to ask us or have an open-mindset to learning IC the traditions & lore of the Triad as there's a lot to take in, but we do not discourage the breaking of norms as the Triad nowadays are shady individuals more so focused on accumulating cash. 

Our faction is open to both legal and illegal characters, or simply a mix of both. We are also accepting characters of a Southeast Asian ethnicity background at this time. Examples of those are Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Cambodian, Filipino, Malaysian, Singaporean, and Indonesian.

The Dragon Head (Faction Leader) reserves the right to Character Kill (CK) any individual within the faction or that aspires to be a part of it for any reason. Character Kills are not taken lightly and are always a last resort method that are not commonly carried out within the faction. 

Please add Bassguri#4856 or J0E#0002 for more information if you are interested in joining, we hope to see you roleplaying with us soon!



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