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The Chinatown Collective 唐人街集體


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We are very pleased to be celebrating 8 months of the Los Santos Triad.


With the Los Santos Triads expanding in numbers we'd like to open our doors to anyone who might be interested in roleplaying within our faction. Anyone interested in joining would have to be willing to portray a serious character and focus on developing said character over time, the character will also need to fit our faction's background.


Our faction is open to both legal and illegal characters, or simply a mix of both. We are also accepting characters of a Southeast Asian ethnicity background at this time. Examples of those are Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Cambodian, Filipino, Malaysian, Singaporean, and Indonesian.


Please add Gamble#3316 or Bassguri#4856 for more information if you are interested in joining, we hope to see you roleplaying with us soon!



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