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This faction will never replicate a Sureño gang with a new race and name. Armenian Power 13 is completely different to any other Sureño gang, with a prime example being the fact that they engage in white collar crimes as a big part of their source of income.


We aim to realistically replicate the Armenian Power 13 gang on the GTAW platform. This means character development is a necessity. Members are expected to follow the server's rules and regulations. 


If you would like assistance in any way in regards to joining our faction or portrayal concerns, you can contact myself on Discord or the forums. Any questions or concerns can also be directed to myself.


  • Upon joining the faction, you are liable to be character killed. Upon joining the faction, you also give us gore permissions.
  • Should you leave the faction, you are still liable to be character killed.
  • This faction will uphold itself to a high degree of roleplay—if you can't meet this standard, you will subsequently be removed. Members are also expected to follow all server rules.
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