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Permissions for viewing business stats

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I'd like to make a suggestion for permissions to be given per rank to view business stats on the UCP. I'm a supervisor at a mechanic garage and realistically I should be able to see it, but as there is no option to limit who can see said stats, viewing it is turned off for everybody except the business owner. I think it would help if it was enabled that certain ranks are able to view the stats, while the rest aren't.




As you can see, there's only an option to enable and disable for employees to view it, without the ability to limit who can actually view it.



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Agreed! Businesses are often ran by managers for the most part while owners are more focused on creating more business ventures after one becomes successful and stable, so management level staff being able to see stats and such is important in that sense ICly.

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Agreeing with this, like Freddy said above a lot of places are ran by managers just like real life where as the owner is often away from the business trying to expand said business or just enjoying some free time. 


There should be an option to give certain people/ranks the ability to see the stats.

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