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Big Boned Aussie Sheila

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Rhonda "Big R" Farrow



(This thread will follow the life and development of Rhonda Farrow.)


Physical Characteristics: 




Early life: 


Ahhh.... Rhonda Farrow. Where do we begin with this magnificent beast of a woman?


Rhonda Farrow was born on the 31st of January 1987 to the Australian couple, Barry and Joyce Farrow. She grew up in an asbestos-ridden house residing in Northern Territory, Australia - alongside her parents and older brother, Clarence Farrow. From an early age, Rhonda was no stranger to booze, cigarettes, profanity and violence. With a neglectful mother, a racist drunkard father and a physically abusive drug addict older brother, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree for Rhonda. 


Rhonda spent her childhood and teenage years committing petty crimes, getting into physical/verbal fights and destroying her health with alcohol/fast food. Her recklessness caused her to get expelled from high-school and kicked out of her childhood home. Living on the streets without a single cent to her name, she started scamming her community to make money. Her most notorious scam was stealing baby formula from supermarkets, replacing half of the formula with powdered milk then selling it for a profit to Chinese mothers. 


When Rhonda turned 21, she met 43 year old ex-felon Reginald Grundy at a local bar “The Rusty Boomerang.” Hitting it off instantly, Reginald asked Rhonda to be his girlfriend. The two of them fell deeply in-love, got engaged after five years and bought a small caravan together. Reginald taught her many skills she would use later in her life. He taught her how to fish, hunt, fix vehicles and brew beer. 


All was well until Reginald got himself into debt with a group of criminal Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Reginald refused to pay the debt, which resulted in him getting murdered. Thinking she would be killed next, Rhonda planned to escape the country. She saved up enough money to buy herself a passport and a plane ticket to Los Santos.



Current Life in Los Santos:

“I swear I’m only doing a fuckin’ chemistry experiment!”




[CF 327-20] State of San Andreas v. Rhonda Farrow - Page 2 - Archive - GTA World Forums - GTA V Heavy Roleplay Server



Stage-Master at The Big Puffa





  Airsoft Addict



















Dancing Queen!





Man Magnet:





Beer Drinker:





((Thank you for reading!!!))


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