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/cleanvehicle to wash helicopters/planes/boats


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Short description: Add /cleanvehicle or something along those lines to clean vehicles that can't go through the carwash.

Detailed description: Currently, helicopters, airplanes and (I think) boats are subject to dirt levels, with the model changing appropriately. However, there's no way to actually clean them without the aid of the Fire Department, as their firetrucks clean dirt off of vehicles they spray. Obviously, this is pretty inconvenient for everybody involved, and generally means that these vehicles don't get cleaned at all; even if you roleplayed sponging one down by hand, you'd need an admin or FD to clean it script wise. Therefore, I suggest adding some sort of command to facilitate cleaning this vehicle, with the stipulation that you'd have to roleplay hosing them down or something similar. Alternatively, just any system for cleaning them (even script car washes at the airport and at the docs or something) would work, too.

Commands to add: /cleanvehicle or something similar.

Items to add: N/A

How would your suggestion improve the server? Allows people to clean vehicles that cannot be cleaned in the car wash, improving realism and ensuring that we don't end up with every aircraft/boat dirty as hell.

Additional information: N/A

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2 hours ago, ChromaticDeath said:

Would be really nice, would also allow players to RP hand car-washes. +Support

Yo this. Imagine how many horny fools I can make money off of by just hiring a harem of chicks in bikinis to wash cars? It's fucking genius.

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We face the same issue as a trucking firm. We can't fit the big rigs through a car wash. This weekend we already have a planned car wash event for our staff (bit of Passive RP to keep things going) but it would be really good if there was a way we could show our results afterwards! 

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Considering we fly helicopters day in and day out, this would be useful. We collect dirt faster and more regularly than any other vehicle in the server. Aside from calling the fire department to clean our birds, there's nothing else we can do. FULLY SUPPORT! 

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