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On 5/4/2021 at 4:58 AM, CrashL1fe said:


Our main goal as West Side Davis Family Gangster Bloods is to put out quality gang role-play. We aim to portray a realistic atmosphere within Davis/Strawberry as a gang. Our gang is a fictional gang within Los Santos but is inspired by numerous Family Gangster Bloods in LA. We mainly focus on character development and realism as a gang.

If you are willing to role-play with us and mainly focus on character development within this faction, we're approachable in Davis/Strawberry. We ask future aspiring faction members to contact leadership to learn more about the faction and its members and how to approach us. It's an obligatory for future aspiring members to sign our character kill agreement. All members of this faction has the freedom to post screenshots, however; be wary that we follow certain principles and guidelines when it comes to screenshots, we will approach anyone leadership deems necessary for scrutinize. We are here to aid members with their media presentation at our own discretion. 


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