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[4SALE] 1971 Bravado Gauntlet

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Selling my Bravado Gauntlet, '71. Comes equipped with a 426 HEMI and a 4 speed manual. Car's all motor, Holley equipped. Will throw in a nitrous kit for shits and giggles if needed. Body and paint are both in the clear, no rust present beneath or above. Relatively low mileage, mostly sat in a garage and got taken out to car shows and cruises. Registered, insured and never crashed. All parts on the vehicle are original factory parts, minus the wheels. Will throw in factory wheels with the purchase. Car's pushing 490 horsepower and is a good cruiser or a street car. Reason for selling it is lack of time and interest. Current asking price is $110,000. Not going lower. These are rare and they'll keep climbing up in price as time goes on. It's a driving time capsule. Low ballers will be strapped to the hood of a hot rod and driven off the Del Perro pier. Contact for more info.


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