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Facebrowser overhaul


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Short description: New features for facebrowser that would improve the quality of it for everyone, making it more user friendly when it comes to personal taste / posts.


Detailed description: 

NSFW Tags/Posts

A feature to have NSFW 'option' while uploading a picture, this feature is very useful if X user isn't interested to see NSFW pictures in his/her timeline. A user could also hide all posted which have the NSFW tag/option in them and so on.




Allowing a user to use spoiler feature in his pictures, this should be like facebook. It's pretty simple and self explanatory.


Seen x hours/minutes ago

Pretty simple and self explanatory feature. If you send a user any text and if he/she reads it? It should "Seen" by the left top corner. This was already a thing before but it was removed for some reasons.


More reactions/emojis.

Having more reaction emojis won't be hard!


Another thing i'd like to add is the NSFW posts that people post on facebrowser. I've seen people bringing up the 'minor' using facebrowser, so the NSFW posts need to be removed. I totally understand that but it shouldn't be the same for Adult businesses. There should be certain rules so their business won't just die out because they are restricted to advertise their products and events.

I've seen IRL and that's how it works on Facebook. (There's minors on facebook too!)

X person is only able to see X page posts if they like and follow it. This should be enough, if someone is not interested to see their posts? They can just hide them with the NSFW tag feature that I suggested above. But, completely blocking off the adult businesses by deleting their posts is really something else and it's wrong. There should be certain rules and regulations for adult businesses that operate on GTAW. Of course, they should have some limits with what they can post and so on.



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I feel like a NSFW tag for the profile, or option when creating a post is a good solution to this issue the FB moderation team and community is having right now. Another example would be to automatically enable that for pages that have their age set to below eighteen. Obviously this can be avoided by manipulating and lying about the age you put on your profile, but this is something that the FB moderator team could handle and give out firm punishments for. The tag could be disabled obviously if you don't want to see that content, and you'd never have to view it again, but people who do are able to. Doesn't even have to be explicitly blatant sex, in the rules itself it states sexual content which can be extended to a wide majority of current content even outside of the onlyfans stunt, including memes etc. 

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  • Developer

NSFW filter: Facebrowser is a software not developed by us. We can fix bugs and make minor adjustments but this would be a huge thing and will easily be overwritten with any update the actual developer pushes. So we choose to enforce the rule of NO NSFW, keep it in your DM's.


Seen x hours ago: It was there before yes but it was broken as **, I tried to fix it but its simply not possible the way it handles and loads DM's. If you are ON the site and you get a DM its insta set as seen even tho you may have not seen it yet. Thats why it was removed.


I'll run the NSFW thing by the Web Devs but don't get your hopes up.

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