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Welcome to Criminal Records – the Los Santos label of Hip Hop/Trap/Emotional/Deep Bass and Electronic Dance Music and global home of talented artists. This record company, characterized by a vast catalog of exceptionally sounding music recordings, has become an iconic trademark among its influenced fans & producers and continues to expand and its’ roster of accomplished creators, who have had phenomenal success both in Los Santos and around the globe. After years of working on a number of truly ambitious projects, Criminal Records now hosts such recognized names as Wizz, Arrow, DJ TAY and many more up-and-coming music producers.



We are a creative team of responsible professionals that energetically delivers audiovisual production and post-production work. Our individual and collective experience has proven we can firmly handle even the most complicated projects. Our clients – various companies and musicians, and we have earned their trust based on the speed, flexibility and quality of our work.


We own our own Criminal Records Radio station #36. On top of that we are in close touch with the most popular radios in Los Santos. This is your chance to get there through us.

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Form (Mandatory fields are marked with a *):

* Your Name:

* Your Email:

* Name of Song:

* Listen Link (Soundcloud, Dropbox, etc):

* Message or Why should your track be put on Criminals Records:

* Any other info you wish to send us about your track:

For us to concider your message valid, you need to include your contact information (full name, email, phone number). This is how we will come in contact with you. ((write a forum message)).

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OOC Information:

The faction aims to portray a proper production house and record label roleplay with the main focus to find out the potential artists on south Los Santos.

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