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RolePlay Guide

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(Please note, before you join the server, you HAVE TO know these things as a minimum!)


General Concept

The concept of role-playing in GTA is based on portraying a specific character, which is developed by yourself and has different characteristics, feelings, background story and etcetera. It is basically making a unique virtual personality that you have control over, while playing within a frame of realism and portraying the real life. Your character even has his/her own name!



Just like real life, your character must have a firstname and a lastname. You can get as creative as you want! However, you cannot name your character Mr Shooter or Avocado Master, or Michael Jackson!


Why? Just like (most names) in real life, names must be realistic. Also, famous names are not allowed.


So... what are the limitations?

Just like any other game, there are certain rules that apply. Unlike shooters and other servers, the purpose is not killing as many people as you can, there is not teleporting and there are a set of rules that make role-play what it is.


First and foremost, we have two environments/definitions that separate the real life from the roleplaying world. The "RP world" is called IC (In Character), and simply put - it defines anything that happens within the boundaries of RP - it is what your character does, says and interacts with.


The opposite definition is OOC (Out of Character), and it defines everything that happens outside the boundaries of RP and is unrelated to the progression of your character.


Still confused? Let's give an example!

Let's say you want to send a private message to someone to ask him how to turn off the game sound. This is unrelated to your character, therefore, this is an OOC message.


On the other hand, let's say you walk up to someone and ask him how he is doing over the IC chat (will be explained later). This is IC. Because your character said something.



Contrary to most servers, if you write something and press ENTER, it will not send the message to everyone, instead, it will display this message to players around your vicinity and it will be considered as your character saying something. The regular chat is an IC chat only!


In order to allow you to communicate with other people as well regarding things which are unrelated to the RP world/your character, you can use /b, which is strictly an OOC chat.


(Did you know? OOC messages are typically surrounded with double brackets!)


Limitations - IC & OOC

So... now that we know what IC and OOC means and we know how to use the chats, there is one last rule regarding the RP boundaries! 


Simply put - whatever happens IC, stays IC, and whatever happens OOC, stays OOC. Means, that you cannot use any OOC information ICly and vice versa. Breaking this rule is called Metagaming.


Still confused? Let's give an example!

You're walking around the city and you spot a suspicious car. You then call your friend on Skype and ask him to rush over to your and save you, then your friend comes over and picks you up. This is called metagaming, since he used information which was provided by OOC means ICly.


(Did you know? Using IC information OOCly is called Inciting to Metagame!)



A big part of role-playing is performing actions with your character. GTA allows you to practically do anything. With that said, let's not forget! This is role-play and we must stay within realistic boundaries.


You are not allowed to do actions which you would (most likely) not be able to do in real life - for example, as much as we all would like to be able to lift cars and throw them at people, we cannot. And that means we shouldn't be doing that in-game either!


The command which we use in order to perform actions is called /me and has a purple color. Just like the IC chat, everything that is written on /me is IC and is shown to players around your vicinity. /me's must be written in third person. By the way! You don't need to write your name, the command does it for you :)


Example: /me opens the door. (Let's say your character's name is John Smith).

What will it show to other players? John Smith opens the door.


You will also find yourself interacting with others many times using actions, and sometimes you might even find yourself in fights! Now, in order to maintain a fair gameplay, you must give the other person an option to respond with his/her own action.


For example... you cannot do the following: /me punches Jake causing him to pass out.

Why? Punching Jake is fine! But you already determined that he will pass out... which is practically not giving him an opportunity to participate in the RP! 


Breaking these rules (performing unrealistic actions and forcing your RP upon others) is called Powergaming.



Another tool which is used when role-playing is stating/asking facts. It sounds a bit confusing! But look at the example below and you will get it right away. The command for stating/asking facts is /do.


Example: /do What is Jake wearing?


As you see, facts also must be stated in third person.


Here, you ask a person about a fact - aka what is he wearing, and you expect to get a response in order to proceed with whatever way it affects your character. 


An example of a response that you may expect:


/do Jake is wearing a green shirt.


Another example of using facts is stating facts about yourself or about things around you, for example:


/do John has a bandage around his arm.

/do There is a beer bottle on the table.


Remember! You must keep everything realistic. For example, doing "/do John has eyes behind his back" is powergaming.


Pretty simple, right?


Killing & Fear Factor

In role-play, you must have a very good reason if you are about to kill someone! Because just like in real life, you wouldn't go about killing people for poor reasons or for no reason. Killing someone for no reason/poor reason is called Deathmatching.


In addition to that, you must RP fear when a situation arises in which you would most likely have a sense of fear in real life. For example, if someone aims a gun at you, you must RP being scared of getting killed, therefore... you wouldn't run towards the person and try to hit them, for example. You'd most likely cooperate. That's also how it is in RP.



Aside from the basics of RP, we also have certain rules on the server which can be accessible using this link:


Make sure to read through!



As you play, you will gain more and more experience and you will soon feel confident role-playing and interacting with others. Everything may seem a bit confusing at first when you just start, but don't worry! We all started from zero.


If you need any assistance, we have a wonderful team of testers & admins which would love to help you out.


Good luck!


Thanks to @Everett (the guide) & @Archix (Graphics)

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