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[1.1] Bug reports


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Report 1.1 bug here.


If your game isn't starting at all / crash on startup:

  • Change your C:/Rage/config.xml from prerelease to 10_mNwuchuQ4ktWbR8d2N5jUzRt
  • After that, restart your rage completely.
  • If it doesn't work, please put your entire processlist here and explain if you see a blackscreen and then it crashes, or just not starting at all. Same if it crashes during download, when exactly ?


Already reported bugs:


Rage bugs

Character going invisible, leading to client crashes

Car floating bug

Towtrucks not working

Vehicles giggles

Boats sink

Melee punches randomly oneshot with no damage registered

Game not starting at all after the initial rockstar small window, 10_ doesn't fix either


High priority

Weapons showing upon exiting car

Disable health depletion

/vehattach not working

Walking styles

Picking up a dropped object doesn't always remove the model on the ground

Menu opening twice (vget, maybe others)

Crate carrying animation


Medium priority

Cruise control


Hotwiring a car kicks out of it

Redo clothes blacklist

B pointing error

Siren silent sound

Skydiving / parachute : melee being disabled causes it

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Dying after being wounded/downed in fist fights seems way too easy to do accidentally now?

Rage bugs Character going invisible, leading to client crashes Car floating bug Towtrucks not working Vehicles giggles Boats sink Melee punches randomly oneshot with no d

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Headlight/Indicator Pop bugSo there is nothing really else to it. All I can say is the headlights were acting strange during our little over view of cars whilst standing around doing nothing whilst we waited on a friend to get in. This happens after we had been inside of the car for a few moments and drove around.

https://streamable.com/f2gvsx @DrShocking12

Shirts 273-285 Missing: Clothing shirt slots 273-285 are "blank" since those are the slots that WERE 15-29, when clothing above 255+ was just a repeat of 0-255. There's a few shirts inaccessible until then. @LizziePup

Vehicle Sounds Inaudible

At the moment vehicle start-up sounds (/engine) aren't played for both yourself and other players - horns also can't be heard but only by other players, the player honking the horn can hear their own horn. 


Very minor bug but hey, a bug nonetheless. @BINGBONGGHOST

Weapon equipment reset upon exiting carsOne thing I noticed in PD, you are on foot without any weapon out, enter your patrol car where your firearm/weapon is "equipped" by default and once you exit the car, it does not show the equipment as it was before you entered the vehicle, but instead makes you exit with a firearm in hand - leading to rather unpleasant interactions seeing a cop exiting their car with a gun in hand opposed to no weapon in hand if none has been equipped before entering the car. Unsure how it looks like with non-faction firearms, e.g. your ordinary citizen with a conceal carry firearm equipped. @orca112

Typing /phone mid animation when getting into a car cancels it

Not necessarily a bug but it on 0.3.7 it doesn't cancel the process of getting into the car.

https://streamable.com/gkmif2 @mencurry

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So my friend /changechar in a Flash GT, then when he came back he stepped into his car. But he was invisible for me and couldn't move the car. But in his screen he was driving around he even tried to ram me but I didn't move a single inch, so then to let him see he was invisible for me. I entered his vehicle as driver, but on his screen he was the driver. And that made his pc freeze.(edited)

Message #1-1-test-server

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