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[SOLD] The Cherry Popper ''Del Perro Pier''


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The Cherry Popper


Starting bid will be $400,000
Increase bid is set at $5,000
Buyout price is $750,000

(This listing will close on the 1st of February, 2021 - Unless buyout has been reached)



Cozy and authentic ice-cream parlor from the known franchise The Cherry Popper, located on the Del Perro Pier alongside the Del Perro Beach. I'm selling this business since I am more occupied with other errands these days. 

If you are interested in purchasing this establishment, make sure you are able to provide the seller with a business plan before the transaction and transfer. 
Don't bother to bid if you won't be able to provide the seller with a business plan.








(( Out-Of-Character ))

Market price: $300,000
Furniture price: $36,343
Script price: $50,000



*All questions and comments would be handled through private messages, this section is only enabled to bid up.


Name: John Doe
Bid: $400,000
''Yes, I have a business plan.''



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4 hours ago, Phallanx said:

Name: Zaskia Demore
Bid: $400,000

Born and raised in Italy most of my life, I would like to take onboard an opportunity like this and provide some traditional gelato for the lovely people of Los Santos!

⚠️ You have been outbid.


26 minutes ago, FinnA said:

Name: Louis Burton

Bid: 450,000$

Always wanted to start a business, so its an opportunity to do so.

☑️ Bid acknowledged.

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