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The Illusive Ones

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Charlemagne Report on 24/01/2018


Royalty, Full name: REDACTED REDACTED has been relieved of duties within the organisation and set free of her mortal bonds. As court concluded on her trial the verdict was death, she attempted to flee for her life but I and Myth prevented this. She was offered a glass of brandy before death and a moment to come to terms with her last moments before being fatally stabbed through the chest by REDACTED. I then disposed of the body via fire along with my clothing. Ritual knife has been cleaned and returned to it's place beside the other knives. Blood and any evidence have all been removed. 


A replacement for her will be sought out soon. End of report. 

                                                                                          Signed Charlemagne.



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Following the death of Jo, his godfather and uncle Yuudai Suraisu came to the country to see his nephew burried..

however with his arrival Cu is confused as to what his uncles' plans really are.




Yuudai Suraisu, the elder brother of Tanchi Suraisu a man of tradition and conservatism. Godfather to Jo and uncle of Cu & Shuai.

He's a self made millionaire who doesn't take no for an answer, vintage age with great experience in the underground.

A boss in a Yakuza branch; he put his right hand in charge while he has to handle "family business" in Los Santos.








* Black Dragon arrives at the compound as a vehicle follows in after them *








After a couple of days in Los Santos, Yuudai began to settle in: with his vast knowledge in the underground he found his way around the syndicate faster than anybody expected. His initiation happened the night he arrived in the city - his reputation proceeded his plans.








* After a day, the date for the funeral has been announced and the reception has been prepared. Yuudai began to wonder of what words would bring significance to the funeral of his Godson. *


Jo was the eldest of his generation of the Suraisus.
He brought his brother and then cousin to San Andreas to make a better living.
The boys.. Jo and Cu had lost their father and mother to prison at the age of adolescence.
Shuais' mother has taken them in as their own, they were in a new home.. in America.
Then as adults they craved their own way.. here in San Andreas.
Jo, as the eldest has made sure that if he was to go that his legacy would remain.
Therefore we pay our respects, for the achievements of Jo and his sacrafice to what he believed in.
Jo lives in the memory of his family.  




(continuation is power)




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