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Ronald Ganisa Jnr. is a low level criminal associate of the Colombo satellite crew based out of Los Santos. unknown.png

Ganisa was born in State Island New York to third generation Italian Americans. Ganisa's father, Ronald Ganisa Snr, was a local taxi driver for the Staten Island Transport Legion.

Ganisas Snr. was exposed to the mob due to his affiliations with various transport teamster unions, consequently acting as a mouth piece for the local Colombo borgata and the Joseph Amato crew.
On November 19th, 1999, Ronald Ganisa Snr. was indicted in Staten Island with 20 other mobsters on racketeering and RICO charges. His charges were extended after being accused of lying to a grand jury that was investigating the links between the Amato crew and Ganisa Snr's union affiliations.

At the age of twenty-two, Ganisa Jnr. saw his father convicted for two accounts of racketeering, RICO and perjury charges. Throughout his twenties Ganisa Jnr. struggled with infiltrating inner crime rings and with the decimation of the Amato crew, Ganisa Jnr. found himself without any foundations of which to build.

However, an up-and-coming mobster in the Staten Island area took notice of Ganisa Jnr. Paul Longo, a soldier in the Colombo Crime Family, begun putting Ganisa Jnr. to work. Ganisa Jnr. would become Longo's eyes and ears in the narcotics trade, moving vast quantities of heroin and methamphetamine from Staten Island into Connecticut. 
Although, unfortunately for Ganisa Jnr. he was never put on record with the Colombos as Longo was imprisoned for first degree assault in the early 2000s. Ganisa Jnr. spent years as a journeyman criminal, working for various different families in New York.

Longo was released from his eight year sentence in 2010 and relocated to Los Santos, San Andreas, establishing the Colombo's crew in the East Coast with Dominic Montemonaro. Ganisa Jnr. was seemingly not forgotten about by Longo and in December 2020 was called upon to relocate and subsequently put on record with Longo.
Operating out of Sabella's, a social club of which is the headquarters of the Longo-Sisca crew, Ganisa Jnr. helps lead the crew's prostitution front under the rouse of escorting service, Sweet Passion.

credits to @The Dirty Duke for graphics 

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