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Aurum Energy Incorporated is an energy-focused company in the state of San Andreas with primary interests in oil, gas and alternative energy solutions.


Conceptualised in 2019 and with a headquarters in Los Santos, the organisation aims to profit from the expanding demand for fossil fuels while spending considerable amounts of resources on research and development of renewable energy. Both public and political demands locally and globally pressure Aurum to consistently adapt to environmentally friendlier processes. Despite this, the company still attempts to extract the most value with conventional methods for either profit or to be able to fund more advanced concepts.


The company has been undergoing massive rebranding campaigns to win over public opinion regarding its practices similar to other companies in the mid-2000s. The term greenwashing may be applicable to some of Aurum’s practices, though most of its strategy is aimed at sustainability and overall improvement of the industry it operates in.






1. Introduction

When Arky and I sat down a few months ago to discuss a new faction idea, we had a goal of creating a multifaceted, engaging and unique experience for legal roleplayers. Our aim was to provide a platform for players to enjoy a realistic corporate environment with all of its business practices, politics, professional and personal relationships and all other nuances that can be seen in large, profitable (or struggling) corporations. We agreed that we would try our hardest to not fit people in pigeonholes or limit RP in any way. We want to incentivize creativity and realistic character development in all of our members, whatever route that development may take. Characters could choose to either work a nine-to-five job as an oil operator for instance, or to climb the corporate ladder as successful businesspeople. To be in management roles where responsibility increases, and the weight of decisions being made can have direct impacts on characters’ livelihoods or lives. That, or to simply stick to routines which pay well.


We want players to explore all potential character types, not all of which are going to be pristine and flawless. To not just focus on their successes to compete for an OOC rank promotion, but also on their failures which contribute so much to the dynamic environment of the faction.


2. Focuses of the Faction

Corporate opportunities and business – seeking to create a solid business-model where interaction between Aurum and the government, as well as other legal factions, can be established, while leadership and business can develop and create new roleplay opportunities for its members and the server as a whole.


Extraction of natural resources - Through the subsidiary, Xero-oil, the company aims to create a realistic setting for the extraction of oil, coal and other natural resources used to produce energy and fuel vehicles. While the faction does not intend to own Xero-Oil fueling stations, it does want to represent the background work to keep these fueling stations alive.

Production, research and development of new technologies and solutions - Aurum Energy is going to portray a company’s realistic adjustment to a world with new challenges. It invests resources into developing windmills, solar panels and other clean energy solutions through research and development. An example of this is working closely together with the government (Department of Public Works) to manufacture and provide windmills and other infrastructure to the city of Los Santos.


Politics and lobbying - Through lobbying and influencing characters who have political power within the state, Aurum could gain new business opportunities or an edge within its field. Regulations and taxation always threaten a company’s profits, something that could be combatted through active lobbyist work for instance.


Realistic job opportunities - While the server already provides factions that deal within construction, public works and logistics, Aurum would not only contribute to the existing factions’ efforts towards creating a realistic work environment, but further create new possibilities for legal roleplay to flourish and expand. Everything from corporate governance, compliance and dealing with safety agencies and other governmental institutions based in the main corporate offices to boots-on-the-ground work around the set up and exploitation of the faction’s facilities. Furthermore, players interested in new technologies will be able to get involved with scientific topics focused around research in the energy industry.


Partnerships, sponsorships and business competition - Aurum wants close relationships with other corporations and businesses. Using the Xero-oil brand, the faction will strive to offer sponsorship deals with organized racing teams to bring interesting roleplay opportunities. Through partnerships, events and other corporate interaction the legal RP scene can continue to grow.






Despite our combined experience leading factions similar to this in other communities, we understand that we are very new to this one. We always remain open to feedback, though we do ask that it is sent either through our Discord or through private messages so we can discuss it in the necessary detail.

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1. Recruitment

We want to provide some freedom to players when it comes to how they interact with us when it comes to recruitment.


The two main methods of getting involved with the faction are to fill out an application form here providing all the necessary information (Job codes will be posted with any vacancies announcements), or by submitting a resume and motivational letter (length of the letter is up to players' discretion) directly to @Wingedor @Arkster. With a resume and motivational letter, we are open to accommodate a player into any position they want to RP in, so please mention it somewhere!


Also, for blue-collar positions such as refinery operators, drillers, etc, we make use of a different form which can be found here.

The process to get involved with blue-collar RP is easier and we have reduced the complexity of it to enable more people to join and experience it! After the form's been submitted, you will be contacted with the start information.


That being said, we also expect to send personal invitations to people who we believe might have an interest in taking part in the faction or who have impressed us. In addition to the methods stated, players are free to explore ways of approaching us and we will be more than happy to accommodate all who are interested.


2. Company Org-chart




3. Social

We have a Discord server! It is open to both members and non-members, so if you wish to ask any questions or talk to existing members you are more than free to do so. There are also channels in the Discord which provide additional information about the faction and recruitment.






Stop by and say hi!

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