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Departmental Radio

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Feature Showcase: Departmental Radio



New Departmental Radio where you can talk to specific factions instead of all factions.


What is the benefit of this?

Less spam which means you get to focus on roleplay more.


Can I still broadcast globally to all factions?

Yes, you can still using /setdep all.


How do I know what each factions can be broadcast to?

You can use /depfactions to see a list of factions that can be broadcast to.


Do I still need to state my faction name and badge when speaking?

Generally, yes unless your faction states other-wise. Departmental Radio etiquette should not change. 


What are the available faction abbreviations and groups?

  • PD -> LSPD
  • SD -> LSSD
  • FD -> LSFD
  • LAW -> LSPD, LSSD and SFM




/setdep [Faction Short Name (like LSPD), Faction Abbreviation (like PD) or Group (like LAW) or ALL] - Set which faction you wish to speak to.

/dep (and /deplow) [Message] - Regular departmental chat, same as before.

/depfactions - See a list of all factions that you can broadcast to.



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