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[HIRING] Ocean View Customs - Seeking Experienced Mechanics and Trainees


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A top contender in the Los Santos automotive aftermarket industry. Thorough auto repair, consistent maintenance and track-tested custom tuning, we focus on accessing the potential of your vehicle to cater just for you. We're currently seeking experienced mechanics and mechanic trainees with atleast a basic knowledge on the subject.



* Must be atleast 18 years old or older.

* Must be able to work in a team environment.

* Have a bit of knowledge surrounding the field.


(( Don't bother applying if you only wanted to farm ez money by being a mechanic. ))

If you're interested and feel like you're capable for the qualifications above, feel free to send us an email with the format down below to [email protected] (( Forum PM @mencurry AND @Jewel))


Full Name: Answer

Age: Answer

Gender: Answer

Phone Number: Answer


Tell us about yourself: Answer

Past experiences: Answer

At what time you're the most comfortable working on a shift?: Answer

Are you flexible enough to adjust the time of your shift?: Answer


((OOC section))

Discord: Answer

Timezone: Answer

How active are you?: Answer


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