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Display position in queue for reports.

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Short description:  Once you submit an IG report through /report, it should tell you the position of your report in the queue. 


Detailed description: It does sometimes take a while for reports to be picked up when you've used the IG report function. It may lead to people becoming slightly annoyed at the admins that are on-duty simply because their reports aren't being picked up. My suggestion basically displays the position of the player's report in the queue, which will, in return give them an understanding of the amount of time they'd have to wait until the report is answered. 


Commands to add: /reportpos(?)

Items to add: N/A


How would your suggestion improve the server? It will lead to a more enjoyable experience for the players. It may also reduce the amount of toxicity aimed towards admins as players are given an expected waiting time for their reports instead of being in-the-blue during the wait-time.

Additional information:

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There's no queue. Admins handle the ones they can and want to handle.

Some reports require a specific admin level, and some reports take time which some admins don't have at that moment.

If your report takes too long, make screenshots and report the player on the forums.

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