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⚖️Smart Loans⚖️ - Automotive Finance Specialists

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Automotive Finance Specialists


About Us

Smart Loans is a family run small scale payday loan service that provides those in need of quick access to funds the ability to do so with the intention of paying back the amount in a short period of time in order to purchase an Automotive asset. We strive to provide excellent customer service and give our undivided care and attention to assisting you in times of need.


Automotive Loan?

An Automotive Loan is there to provide funds in order to purchase a vehicle/vehicles of your choice and may not be used to invest in property or other means. They are extremely easy to get however they do come with a slightly higher interest than a typical longer termed personal loan and the purchased vehicle will technically belong to Smart Loans whilst the registered keeper is the purchaser. This shouldn't put you off though as all interest rates are regulated by an independent monitoring financial body.


How much can I borrow?

Smart Loans will allow any amount up to the value of $100,000 given you meet the requirements and pass our pre-credit checks. In certain circumstances, more may be acquired. It helps if you already have assets in place to leave as collateral should you fail re-payments.



How to apply



#1) Click the link below to be taken to our application process through our website.

https://discord.gg/8TrrSAzY7B ((Discord server is approved by GTAW Staff as a means of RP, further instructions can be found on the server itself) and be sure to read the OOC section before applying))


#2) Once we receive your initial loan application, our team will make contact with you for a face to face meeting to discuss finer details should you be accepted and if the requirements are met, funds will then be deposited in to the applicants account within the hour.




#1) Call #999111 For personal consultation as an alternative to applying online and we can arrange a face to face interview which takes no more than five minutes of your time.










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