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Kaelo ​'Turtle' Fanua ​🐢​


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This thread will follow the life of the West Side Tongan Crip Baby Gangster Kaelo 'Turtle' Fanua.

Kaelo’s parents came to the States from the Kingdom of Tonga several years before Kaelo was born. Both being original Tongans, they left their native island in Polynesia to ensure a more comfortable future for their only child - Kaelo. Despite having no siblings, the boy grew up surrounded by other Tongans – his parents from the beginning lived in the Tongan community, so national traditions were never forgotten. As hard as they could, both parents worked several jobs each to give Kaelo everything he could imagine. However, neither of their numerous jobs were well-paid so since his young days. From his early days, Kaelo was trying to make the money himself to spend on fancy clothes and other hobbies.  He soon started selling various stuff on the streets of the ghetto, and these profitable yet dangerous engagements lead to his official affiliation with the TCG – Tongan Crip Gang. Multiple drawings all over Kaelo’s body mark the mentioned occasion – he has a tattoo saying ‘Tongan Pride’ written on his neck. Beside this tattoo, there is a turtle drawing, which resembles Kaelo’s nickname used by other gang members. Even though Kaelo is still a teenager, his not-so-legal lifestyle has already got him into prison. Not long ago, he served a half-year jail sentence with other Tongans for involving himself in unlawful physical contact. However, the punishment does not deter Kaelo from the dirty deeds, which he now pursues with even greater enthusiasm.

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