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'21 Bonny & Clyde

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This thread follows the development and stories of Edward "Wicked" Ramos & Josephine "Giggles" Pineda.



Edward "Wicked" Ramos


Edward Ramos, also knows as 'Wicked' or Eddy is an eighteen year old drug abusing gang member, part SSVR13's Never Give a Fuck clique. Edward was separated from his crack addicted at the age of three and after spending more than 8 years in a Rancho group home and over 6 placements, Eddy found his home with murderous, criminal gang bangers. His venture into the gang life began when he collected and returned Richard Barela (an NGF affiliate)'s firearm before it could be seized by law enforcement. Shortly after, he began selling drugs for Jorge 'Snappy' Laza, one of NGF's leaders.


As Edward got deeper into the gang life he began going through traumatic experiences. His closest friends during his come-up were the now deceased Victor 'Violent' Ochoa and his girlfriend Nancy 'Poison/Daze' Rozales.  Following the eruption of a gang war between Rancho 13 and a nearby Hoover Crip set, Poison Rozales ended up being arrested over the murder of two enemy gang members.  


He soon met Josephine Pineda and found common ground in relation to their stance on drug use. The two evaded policegot highsquashed beefavoided her father and eventually got into a relationship. Josephine then got stuck in the midst of a NGF-FL.LOKAZ conflict, started by Violent Ochoa. The repercussions were severe. Eddy and Victor met one last time before Victor met his end. His death hit Eddy hard.


As Eddy began making name, Jorge 'Snappy' Laza became one of Eddy's biggest proponents In the mean time, more questions popped up relating to Nancy's mysterious dissapearence. Paranoia was starting to get to him. Edward was forced to watch as relations between Josephine and her sister Danielle broke. He began earning more money and following a scam gone wrong, Edward was forced to catch his first body. The same day, he was jumped in NGF alongside Joseph Barela


More money and more missions followed. Eddy caught his second body, just as or perhaps even more brutal than his first. He was shot and temporarily crippled. He took Ruben Flores under his wing and promply clowned him then began branching out. Following Josephine's percieved disinterest, Eddy came close to cheating then broke up with Josephine. The break-up did not last long.  He lost yet another close friend to gang violence.


Josephine was jumped into Frontline Lokaz but celebrations were cut short after her sister's arrest. The two tried to squash beef. It didn't work. After an injunction came into effect. Edward promply found himself in juvenile hall. Cristian 'Puppet' Barerra found himself threatening Josephine's and her unborn baby's lives after IYS and Derek 'Dizzy' Espinoza lied about a misscarriage. Tensions are high and guns are pulled. In the midst of this, the two have the baby.


The IYS situation escalatesNo plan is perfect. Edward suffers and confides in Josephine.

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Josephine Ramos aka Giggles 


Josephine Ramos, known most commonly by Giggles or Josie, is an eighteen year old drug addicted gang member, affiliated with Varrio Rancho 13. She first started to associate with the scum of of her neighborhood at a young age. When she was fifteen, post rehab, she met with Victor Ochoa, a gang member and drug pusher. She hung out with affiliated gang members, partied with them, and did drugs with them. Eventually, she met Edward Ramos, who was deeper in the life than her, but not yet jumped in. Shortly after meeting him, a brawl broke out, and Josie rescued Edward from the police.


They got in a relationship soon after, did drugs together, and spent a lot of time hanging out and getting high. Drugs, especially heroin, makes Josephine a totally different person. She started to gain a connection with 'Never Gave a Fuck', a clique Edward was trying to get in. She became at odds with Frontline Loka, especially with one Juanita Sanchez. Whilst throwing up NGF, Josie got in a fight along side Edward. She was detained for it, and subsequently taken to her father. Things didn't go well


Derek Espinoza aka Slasher aka Dizzy and Victor Ochoa, aka Violent, killed a gang associate with Josephine as the only witness. This pushed her further into gang life. Josephine never had a good relationship with her father. Her mother died delivering Josie, leaving her and her sister Danielle alone with her dad, David. David verbally and physically abused Josie, while favoring Danielle. This led to a lot of tension growing up, and even more resentment between her and her sister. She eventually became affiliated with NGF, as her sister went more towards Frontline Lokaz.


Adrian Santana was killed right before her eyes by Richard Barela, which traumatized her. She became more heavily using drugs, which is what led to her being arrested by request of her father. The nickname 'Giggles' was given to her by Edward and gang associate Daniel Fransisco. It was given to her because she has a noticeable dry sense of humor and, as Edward described, a cute laugh. She later met with Barbie, who accepted her as an up and coming Loka. Eventually, she was jumped in.


She killed someone for the first time on Barbie's orders, a member of Piru who robbed a local homeboy. Immediately after, she was arrested for being reasons unrelated to the murder. She took the charge for her boyfriend. Given a month and a half for her crimes, she spend that time reflecting and reading. Josie left jail a different person, and gave in to the gang life completely as a now felon. She was very pregnant too, which caused her dad to finally disown her. She began to seek more "managerial" roles within Frontline Lokaz, and started pressing the younger women who wished to have a spot as her sister.


She beat up a gang member's girlfriend, which caused her to be threatened by Cristian Ibarra aka Puppet. This led to more chaos. She began to grow close with Tatiana Aparicio aka Rogue, and Ruben Flores aka Stomper. The beef with IYS (In Your Section) grew more hot. She gave birth to her child, who she named Anna after her mother who had died. The child was very unwell and premature due to her constant drug use and smoking. The beef turned into outright war when Carlos Molina aka Dopey was shot and killed by Josephine on Barbie's orders.


Fearing the safety of her life, she pushed for a greenlight on IYS members. They got it, and she was told to stay in the car and await further orders. Sadly, they were of no help. Jalen died, as did Puppet, the man who threatened her. The traumatic experience brought Josephine and Edward closer than ever before. They are now laying low, hoping whatever storm that follows will soon pass.

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