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[4SALE] Michelli GT


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Selling a Lampadi Michelli GT painted a vibrant red color. Vehicle has had at least two owners, including myself. Under 1000 miles total. I have not modified it but the prior owner did do some work on the car including lowering the suspension and doing an engine/transmission swap. Vehicle has been maintained well and has never been in any significant accidents, new brake pads. Can work out renewal of insurance prior to purchase if preferred. Can have a mechanic of your choice inspect it prior to purchase. 


Vehicle costs $120,000 with registration. Asking $100,000 due to the condition and aftermarket work.
Contact Ellie at 27942969 or by email.










This is a few days out of date, very slightly more miles. ))



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On 12/27/2020 at 2:46 PM, Shiro said:

It's a 50 years old lampadati, I'll give you 70 grand and a christmas wishes card

No thanks. Lowballers can pay retail. Go pay 120k at a dealership without any aftermarket work.

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