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Alexander ”Toker” Navarro 👿 🔫

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” It's all lovely, just bought a pitbull puppy

That's guaranteed to make me a shit full of money
Man I just couldn't study in school, I was nervous
So I left, I can't even write in cursive”












Alexander ”Alex” Navarro is a 14 year old kid that lives in Chamberlain Flats. He's pretty well knows around the locals for his weird behaviour, mostly induced by his overprotective parents. 


Alex is a really calm kid, minding his own business most of the time and he's clearly trying to avoid as much as he can all the ”older kids” around the Flats. He's spending most of his time either inside his house drawing, or in the neighbourhood skatepark, pedaling on his bike and trying new stuff.


Alex is clearly not the type of kid that spends six hours trying to study for his next text, this fact making him a very weak student at his school, aswell getting him troubles with his parents, that are trying really hard to push Alex away from the ”hood life”.


The financial state inside Navarro's family is really weak, both parents working usual 9:5 jobs, trying to pay all the taxes in time, and at the same time, it's not that cheap to take care of a 14 year old boy, and another newborn kid.













As the time passed, Alex got to know all the ”older kids” around the Flats, finding out they ain't as bad as his mum is telling him.  Alexander is now hanging around with all his homie's without caring about his parent's opinion, getting complains from the neighbours almost daily about the screams and the arguments inside the house. Now, Alex tries to earn his own money and at the same time, to prove to all  the ”big homies” on the block that he can handle himself good.


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