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Lia "Roja" Pallacio 👩🏼‍🦰💣💣


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" The chirpy little voice greeted me with such energised enthusiasm it made me jump nearly a foot out of my seat. I turned around, expecting to see the usual cocky little ticking bomb Lia , who every once in a while enjoys pissing off as many people  as possible, but to my surprise it was the scruffy little quiet  who sits at the front  with her big orange hair bouncing around. "


- Lia Pallacio. -













Lia Pallacio is a ginger short hispanic-american mixted girl that lives in Chembarlain Flats with her family. Her mother is the only person that takes care of her, poorly because she only lives by the money that her "boyfriends" give her, being that type of "party animal", and her father would be in prison for first degree murder, shanking a person when she was just 8 years old. Her personality would be mostly bipolar, trying to jump from the crazy talkative ticking bomb to the shy bald-expressed teenager. 
She loves to spend time between the Flats area, the skatepark and hates to go to school, not having too many friends because of her impulsive moodswings that she provides. She would be mature enough for her age to understand when she has to take something serious, but can't let her addiction of impulsive acting around, trying to get rid of it without hope. 

Mediocre student, not the worst but not the best, with a baggy clothing style and a smirk on her face that lets her braces be seen, having them for two years already but wouldn't mind them. Worst fear would be insects and hight, a little claustrophobic too.

She started developing her moodswings after her dad got imprisoned and her mom became from the loving house mom to the "party mom",bringing boyfriends home every weekend almost and seeing her use drugs around her without any problem. She wants to change herself but has no hope, but she wants to make it as her father told her always when she was little " From the bottom all the way up there ".




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