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Chamberlain Varrio Tortilla Flats (CVTF)

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Man.... I joined the Opps just to murk you fools only for y'all to close ;( Anyways meet some real ass folks in there I respect those who kept it real y'all made it fun in there while it lasted, special thanks to these folks @Rushing @Dustyboi  @Taina @PrinceMalick @Hanz @Mako and to those who got permabanned I still fuck with y'all heavy my man ❤️

I must have a few people missing but I don't know y'all @  and too lazy but y'all should know. 

This faction thought me alot and made me become a better roleplayer this was my 3rd faction I been who really ACCEPTED me and TAUGHT me a bunch of shit, much love and respect to these folks

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TFlats was wild, but deeply cared and loved by its own members. It went through three iterations but it's time to finally let go! It's been wild watching everybody do their thing though. I hope whoever takes over TFlat's area is prepared to deal with all the shenanigans that come with the spot. TUUUUWUUUU!












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