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Highly Insane Criminals (H.I.C)

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Highly Insane Criminals.


The Highly Insane Criminals aka (H.I.C) are a peckerwood gang located in Stab City (Sandy Shores). They were formed in the late 1980’s after a group of avid meth users began to dive deeper into crime to fill their pockets and get their fix. Over the years the gang’s grown in numbers and power. The gang was hit with a RICO charge in the early 2010’s, but has since rapidly regained it’s numbers.






The gang’s known to hang out in Stab City, San Andreas. While not explicitly claiming the trailer park the gang is very defensive and controls Stab City due to it’s tight community and most of the gang’s members living in trailers scattered around the lot. The “Local’s Only” culture in Stab City’s at an all time high, and often the gang will check most newcomers.       



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The Highly Insane Criminals gang is made up and recruits primarily young Caucasian males with their ages ranging anywhere from 15-25 years old, however they will associate themselves with older locals. The gang, like most peckerwoods, allows female members known as “featherwoods”. They hold no respect and are seen as little over property. The majority of the members are hard on cash and come from drug-dependent households and only know the life of crime.  


Illegal Activity.


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The Highly Insane Criminals are involved in numerous illegal activities such as identity theft, credit card fraud, burglary, vandalism, armed robbery and homicide. According to the local police and citizens in the area (HIC) is known to associate with other white supremacist groups. The gang controls the rampant methamphetamine and heroin markets in Stab City. The gang manufactures, sells, and uses methamphetamine. They are also known to deal in a small ammount of firearms. The exact leadership is currently unknown.


            Tags, tattoos and symbols.




As most of the other white street gangs the Long Beach posse expresses their gang affiliation in numerous ways,  such as their gang signs "H", “I”, and “C". They are also known to use signs and tattoos such as the initials and other Nazi and prison symbolism to express their proudness of their race. Peckerwoods are highly influenced by punk rock and metal culture and are well known to abuse heavy narcotics on the daily.


Modern Day.


Today the organization is a very deadly and ruthless organization, which is expanding far too quickly. It’s been proved that the gang has it's hands deep in the weapons and narcotics trade surrounding the region. Members are known to do anything in order to fill their pockets and get their daily fix. The gang’s suspected of multiple shootings across the state and is known for their sheer brutality towards enemies.

The gang shows extreme loyalty towards the Aryan Brotherhood both in and outside of prison. From taking hits to dealing the Brotherhood’s products. Highly Insane Criminals work directly with the Aryan Brotherhood and PEN1, as well as other peckerwood and skinhead gangs around the state.




OOC Information.


This gang is not formed to promote any OOC hate towards other races. Members who join the faction must be willing to follow ALL SERVER RULES and accept the fact that they may be CK'd at any time with proper reasoning from leadership.

1.) Joining the faction is done all IC and the process will require you to plan and create a unique character that adheres to the faction requirements. You are more than welcome to speak with us at any time through a forum message.

2.) You are expected to roleplay to your full potential at ALL times, any major rule breakers will be removed from the faction immediately.

3.) We have high expectations of our group and expect all members who are interacting within the faction (with the intent to join or currently a member) to portray a realistic version of a modern day Peckerwood gang member and affiliate of them.

4.) Just because you join the faction doesn't mean your character development stops; we expect you to continue developing your character along with the rest of the faction throughout your time in the faction.

5) We plan on ACCURATELY portraying a white and Hispanic community in what’s based off of 29 Palms and the surrounding area. This faction intends on igniting the change that many have wanted to see from Sandy Shores, this being the move from extreme characters of rural southerners to a more realistic version of a modern day local.

For more information on this faction you are more than welcome to PM me on forums or discord @ (Brandonc96#9677) or @CarlitoRogers ( SnizzySnap#4889) at any time.


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