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Daryl Greene 




"An Aryan brother is without care

He walks where the weak and heartless won’t dare

And if by chance he should stumble, and lose control

His brothers will be there, to help him reach his goal

For a worthy brother, no need is too great

He need not but ask, fulfilment's his fate

For an Aryan brother, death holds no fear

Vengeance will be his, through his brothers still here."




This is the character story of Daryl Greene, a long established member of the white criminal underworld in Los Santos County and the newest addition to the Aryan Brotherhood, having been vouched for membership by his mentor and now brother, John Campbell. The Story of Daryl previously on this character thread is now watered down to near irrelevance due to the exciting new role he will be taking on as a shamrock-wearing brotherhood member. A short summary is that Daryl comes from a affluent family, his childhood was filled with private school education, family holidays and other things that should of set him up for life. The Divorce of his parents around his twelfth Christmas set his path to rebellion and eventual criminality. Daryl, now living with his mother, was left almost to his own devices for the majority of the day after school due to his Mothers high demanding work hours. This in turn let him go out and mix with others within the Vespucci community and eventually to drugs, criminal activity and the adrenaline and dopamine rushes that came with this. Years later after cutting his teeth in the Skater gangs of Vespucci he was recruited to the Nazi Low Riders not long before the gangs downfall at the hands of the Aryan Brotherhood, the very brotherhood Daryl was to join the ranks of.


Extended Backstory



1. Early Life: Daryl was born on the 10th of January 1984 to parents Dr Ryan Greene and Dr Karen Greene, both of which were medical professionals at the same Hospital in the city of Los Santos. Daryl was born at home as per his mothers request with both parents handling the birth themselves with some support from friends and family. The family owned a less than modest home in the Vespucci Canals and employed a nanny to help deal with the new baby Daryl. The workload their parents would take on led to them being somewhat absent, never the less making a considerable effort when they could, so childhood was as more content than most in the modern era. Daryl was to live in contentment until the Christmas just before his Twelfth birthday, the divorce of his parents was sprung on him and of course he had no idea why it was happening. His father was promptly removed from the house, leaving Daryl in the mind that it was Dr Greene who broke his marital vows and walked out on his family once caught, which Daryl has never forgiven him for. From this point the absence was much for prevalent, his mother while still loving him dearly was far too wrapped up in her work to lend time to her son, a rift growing with his mother soon after.

 1.2 Education: Daryl was educated privately from Kindergarten right the way until high school, having never attended a public school. This led him to take a keen interest in literature and philosophy, as well as art. While at school he was on the honour's list for the majority of his time up until his involvement with criminal elements further into his teenage years. While at school Daryl was a victim of bullying, to the point that he would cry and beg whatever nanny was taking him to school not to make him go, despite his excelling at school bullying was to overshadow all his hard work. Once Daryl had fallen into undesirable social circles his grades suffered as a result, taking a more cynical approach to his education and a vicious level of violence to those who had once made his life hard, this in turn led to Daryl being put referred to multiple psych evaluations and guidance councillors as a result. While never being expelled for his behaviour Daryl was eventually let go from his High School as a result of his first incarceration in the San Andreas Youth Authority. Daryl would continue his education while incarcerated, getting his GED whilst at High Desert State Prison and furthering this by achieving a College degree in Classics at a later date.


2. Criminal activity: Daryl fell into criminality not long after his mother had allowed him to return home from school on his own, previously she has insisted on a nanny picking him up and leaving him at school up until he was fifteen years old. Eventually his mother caved to his pleading to get himself to and from school on his own, tired of the constant babying by his nannies. For the first time he was free to do what he pleased on his journeys home, this as it turned out was to cycle the beachfront and taking scenic routes on his way home before using his new key to come and go as he pleased while his mother was at work. Daryl in turn met with local kids from the Vespucci area, what they referred to as Dogtown and was attracted to their skateboards, long hair and rebellious attitudes. Daryl was quick to buy a board of his own and take to the streets with his new friends, enjoying himself thoroughly for the first time in a long time. With these new friends came new experiences, skating and stoner culture in Dogtown were closely tied and it didn't take long for alcohol and drugs to become part of the day to day Daryl experienced, partaking himself to the point he would be buying his own drugs from a local gang member, this led to his association with the Crazy White Boys.

 2.2 Crazy White Boys: Daryl fell in the the Crazy White Boys (CWB or C-Dub) after being connected with one of their younger weed dealers, Lucas Gerhardt. Daryl formed a friendship with Lucas, leading to Lucas bringing Daryl along to CWB parties and introducing him to their leader at the time, Shawn Corvus. Shawn mentored the young Daryl, teaching him how to fight and fuelling him with drugs, further grooming him for membership in the gang. Daryl was present for the shootout between CWB and members of an Albanian gang from the Morningwood area they were feuding with that resulted in two deaths and the serious injury of gang member Nelson Clark. Daryl dragged Nelson to safety and kept him alive using his rudimentary knowledge of medicine until an ambulance arrived. As a result of this Daryl was jumped in to CWB, being a full member until he was caught with a sizable amount of methamphetamine shortly after by the Sheriff's department during a raid on another young gang member Noah Donahue's apartment that Daryl was picked up in.

  2.3 Incarceration: To be continued

   2.4 Nazi Low Riders: To be continued


3. Aryan Brotherhood: To be continued 




Inspiration for this thread came from the younger gang members and Latchkey kids, especially - Evan "Stomper" Ward by @Netsrac

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