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W/S School Yard Crips

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This faction is based off the West Side School Yard Crip Gang in Mid-City Los Angeles. Although fictional, we aim to portray a realistic recreation of the real-life gang in-game. We wish to create a realistic poverty stricken environment somewhere a little off-grid from the usual gangs in Los Santos to try and establish a unique faction experience with a faction of crips that is very under-represented in general. Our leadership hope to establish a community of both locals and gang members who develop close relationships around the neighborhood and to really flesh out the idea of an environment where it's a lot of crime, but at the same time a lot of interesting lives which you'll come across in our screenshots. Our hope with this faction is that we can take a different approach to this kind of roleplay and create some more civilized roleplay along with it- such as gang violence prevention programs and similar ideas, inspired by the original residents of the neighborhood in which the real School Yard Crips come from. Aside from this, some light shone on the religious and day-to-day lives of members is also expected and will be showcased on this thread and their personal character threads as well in due time. All this and more amounts to our main goal of creating a predominantly, but not exclusively, black community of civilians, gang members, and others who develop together in character. As a faction we want everyone (since we are all from the same area) to roleplay knowing each other which goes hand in hand with planning your character with leadership upon joining our discord server. Nobody is a local without knowing the other locals in the area.


IMPORTANTWe strongly encourage our members to focus heavily on character development and realism. You need to be able to handle constructive criticism if you're one of us as we tend to correct each other, and that goes for anybody, along the way to ensure our portrayal of this faction and our characters is on point and without fault if we can help it. Once you've gotten into contact with one of us, you are free to ask us any question related to character creation and how to approach us. More information on these topics can be found inside our discord server.


You should never walk up to us in-game and try to get to know us as an outsider. Realistically you would have been raised in or near our turf and know some of us already. If you wish to join this faction you will have to contact Leadership on discord prior to approaching us. A lot of preplanning goes into establishing our character concepts so that they suit the community we wish to portray. If you still wish to proceed, contact me via forum PM's or any other leadership on discord.
@kartoffel:  NØ LØVE#2627
@Dreams & Nightmares : Dimes#4388
@NINA : backinblood#1094



Lastly, faction leadership reserves the right to Character Kill (CK) any individual within the faction at any given time if they see fit, however, we hope to keep this to a minimum to uphold the realism by putting people off the gang or DPing them as punishment instead of resolving it by murder. Killing shall always be a last resort no matter the case.


Credits for the thread and everything else @mosthated

Leadership contact on discord:  NØ LØVE#2627  Dimes#4388 backinblood#1094

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