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Gruppe 6 Corporate Security & You


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Gruppe Sechs, from what I can see, improved a lot since I left it (no connection I swear!) and its going great so far. I really like how not every G6 character is an IC dick anymore (there were a lot!), and it adds to the immersion.


After a few interactions I really liked I think the faction is worth a shot for anyone interested in private security roleplay.

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On 12/10/2020 at 3:47 AM, Juicy said:

I worked as a corrections officer for a while, so I think I’ve got a pretty good idea. Your guards shouldn’t get guns for one, if you’re just mall cops. Two, I’ve been told a few of your members have been trying to pull people over like cops. 

That's absolutely ridiculous. This city has a crime rate that makes surviving World War 2 look like a slightly uneasy gamble. Everyone should get a gun, security more than most.

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Anyone who thinks security guards shouldn't carry guns is speaking from a European standpoint and should just refrain from commenting so they don't embarrass themselves. Even NYC, which has the most strict gun laws in the entire US, has armed security guards.


I'm seeing a lot of anecdotal information in this thread (I've been told, I've heard this and that) so I'm going to give a perspective as a former Director in the faction.


Gruppe 6, like every single faction on this server EVER, has had its ups and downs. It has gone through many changes, and is only getting better with time. It is unrecognizable now since when I originally joined about two years ago. When I worked there we made a huge effort to hire people who only had realistic backstories and good roleplay skills, which I don't doubt they still do. However, this doesn't prevent troll players from slipping through, yet these players are quickly taken care of just like official factions such as PD, FD, etc. Also a lot of these situations like players being "pulled over" were caused by trolls stealing the gruppe 6 cars or are simply taken way out of context. It is just easy for every player to treat Gruppe 6 like a punching bag, and while it may make sense ICly there is no OOC reason to hold the faction with such little respect like many players do.


zaXer has put a HUUGE amount of effort in the faction, treating it like his own child. I can tell that he doesn't want it to fail, hence this thread. Gruppe 6 is unarguably the BEST, most realistic security faction this server has ever seen, which is evidenced by the fact that it still exists.



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I think this faction gets some unnecessary OOC hate from certain people who do not know how a security faction should operate. 
zaXer has been doing a great job maintaining this faction and the faction topic itself is evident to the fact that the roleplay quality is only improving.

Of course, people will and can MIX a few unfortunate IC events, discussing them OOCly just like they'd shame on every other faction. I think nobody should give attention to them.

Y'all are doing a great job! 

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