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Staff Update - December 2020

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Maybe the number of reports are decreasing not because of a faster response time but instead a slower response time. I've had experiences where I report twice within 10-15 minutes and get no response and just give up on reporting because I don't want to waste my time waiting. This may be the case for a lot of other players as well.


OT: Congratulations to all staff members on their promotions, well deserved @Phiz and @tomatoz, congrats to @Woona as well.

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Hello everyone!   Welcome back to another Staff Update. This month, we've seen a total of 7195 in-game reports. This is much lower than previous months which has likely resulted in faster re

Congratulations everyone, especially @jesscatXD @Lewwwy @Seaward 🤗

Congratulations to everyone! (especially you @Woona)

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