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Jalen Beal

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Character Name and Alias: Jalen Beal A/K/A JuJu

Occupation/Status: Lightskin. Freshmen at Del Perro Polytechnic High, and a first-string wide receiver for the football team.
Known For: Being an upbeat goofy person who loves to joke around. He's heavily invested in playing football and has high hopes to make the league one day. Usually seen with a new girl every couple weeks.



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Friday Night




Jalen spots local Montez Bennett a reputable Insane Crip gang member outside of the apartment complex. He congratulates him on his new song that was released recently. Montez was quick to notice the cap on Jalen's head and proceeded to question what the logo on it was. Jalen knew that the Toronto Blue Jays hat he was wearing was not to be worn by people not part of the Insane Crip Gang so he took it off without being asked to.





In the middle of the conversation local Tajenae Young and ICG gang member Sakaryah Jihaad showed up. The conversation about the hat came to end as Tajenae passed Montez a weapon upon arriving. The group would follow up by speaking on a situation that went down in the streets. Jalen eventually broke off from the group and went to the basketball court to shoot around.





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Jalen was on his way to a local burger restaurant down the block from where he stays, he had spotted a priest who was leaving the local church. Jalen tailed him to his vehicle and asked for a prayer on his life.


When Jalen was a small child his grandmother would take him to church and she'd often speak to him about God and Jesus Christ, so Jalen had a basic understanding and faith.




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