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Young Male looking for job opportunities.


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My name is Cecil Monroe, and I'm looking for any sort of job openings in the Los Santos area. 

I'm an incredibly hard worker, and I'm great with reaching all goals expected of me. You won't see me slacking while I'm working. I work like my life depends on it. It kind of does! I'd say I have many strengths, but just like anyone else I have my weaknesses as well. 

I'm hoping for an accepting job environment, with kind co-workers. Of course this doesn't have to be the case.

What kind of work am I looking for? Anything really works. Please don't try and get me tied up with something illegal though.

Contact me at 09612287 (or under this post) thank you!

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Hello, Cecil!


My name is Holly Sheppard, and I am the Human Resources Supervisor for Mission Row Grocery, a friendly 24/7 neighborhood market located on Mission Row. We value hard workers and great attitudes—you sound like you'd be a great fit! If you're still in the market for employment, just shoot me an email ((pm me)) and we can discuss details!


I hope you have a great day!


Holly Sheppard

Human Resources Supervisor

Mission Row Grocery

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