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Public Enemy Number 1


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Gary Crane says [low]: You remember that thing you n me talked about?
Aleksandr Nersesian says [low]: Yeah, should be in today or tomorrow.
Aleksandr Nersesian says [low]: Ima hit you as soon as I got em'.
Gary Crane says [low]: I'm talkin bout that other thing. You asked me about it a while ago n I said I'd look into it.
Aleksandr Nersesian says [low]: Oh yeah?
Gary Crane says [low]: Anyway, bro... I looked into it. It should be comin through real soon.
Gary Crane says [low]: I'll let you know whussup with it.
Aleksandr Nersesian says [low]: I appreciate that shit for real.



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Jose Cabrera says: Shit's a trip, foo... The homeboy Largo got killed, man. Lotta shit went down. We still standing though, dog. You already know.
Ryan Burhop says [low]: Who's fillin homeboy's shoes?
Daniel Pina says [low]: What's up bro. You Hopper?
Ryan Burhop says [low]: Yeah. Sum dudes call me the Aryan Lean Mean Money Spending Machine.
Ryan Burhop says [low]: You're down to score sum hinky shit, right? N sum pieces? That's whut you were interested in gettin, right?
Daniel Pina says [low]: Thas right, bro. I know you and Largo had shit going on... So whatever it was, I'm tryna keep that intact.


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