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Public Enemy Number 1


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PENI Death Squad is a skinhead gang and a hybrid of a street gang and prison gang. The members are state raised career criminals who sell meth in their neighborhood, get spun and do something crazy, steal cars, rob drug dealers, burglarize homes, commit credit card fraud, sell guns that might be stolen, and stab inmates that had it coming. They are also involved in prison gang politics. Your main focus should be committing crime to make ends meet, living with drug addiction, and a watered-down white supremacy influence. Originally PENI started out as a punk rock gang in the 1980s and were part of the scene. In the present day, members still attend punk rock gigs, and your typical member is into punk.




The best way to get involved is to buy drugs from the gang and get high with members of the gang. The politics of the gang revolve around drugs. The gang is like a glorified book club for junkies. Hang out together, crash at a member's pad after getting drugs, do crime together, be in and out of jail, etc. When you become part of the social circle, there'll be two possible scenarios: you'll be selling drugs to other tweakers in order to support your own habit OR you'll be committing various crime and using the money from it to buy drugs from the gang. You don't need to be a hardcore racist from the beginning, but at some point, your character will be indoctrinated on white supremacy and the skinhead culture. Eventually, if you fit the mold, you'll be recruited into PENI.




The character should be Caucasian/White with a propensity for crime and an active drug addiction (crystal meth, heroin, or both). If he has no criminal record, it's best to start as a drug addict in the 18-19 years old range, otherwise you're free to role play a more-experienced career criminal with prison stints if he's in his mid-20s or older. He should be born and raised in Vespucci if you plan to role play heavily in that area, but you're also free to be from somewhere else if it makes sense such as Del Perro, El Burro/Murietta, Vinewood. You should NOT make the type of character that's an innocent minor who's never smoked pot and done anything illegal.




The above description of what a prospective PENI member should be like is a general description of a white gangster. You can go down that path if you want to, but you also have the option of approaching the faction in other ways. If you prefer jail role play, it's an option to keep your character in jail permanently, or for prolonged periods of time. PENI is active in jail/prison where a lot of the recruitment happens, and it's easier to indoctrinate whites, and have them become skinheads. PENI often recruit from smaller skinhead gangs, so it's also possible to role play as a member of a skinhead gang, who moves up to PENI, or have a group of players acting as a gang that end up recruited by PENI.




Women that orbit around skinhead gangs are typically there because of their drug addiction or because they're dating one of the members. A good way to join would be as a high-functioning drug addict who holds down a job. That would involve role playing outside of the faction and not solely depending on members being online. Another way is being a gritty tweaker chick that just hangs around drug dealers all the time so she can score dope. One thing to stress on is that you should aim to have a social network outside of just PENI. Most female gang associates have a normal look to them (you wouldn't be able to tell they're involved with a skinhead gang). Some look like punk rock chicks, some look like bro hoes, some look like tattooed tweakers, some have the traditional skinhead look. The female equivalent of a skinhead is called a skinbyrd and gang members often refer to their women as byrds.




Feel free to message @Comradical or @PeterPiperPackedAPookie if you have any questions or concerns. You can also message either of the two if you want to join our Discord server where we have more information about PEN1 and the lives white gangsters lead.



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