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Can't remove furniture in owned apartment.

Mayor ODoyle

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Hello.  I bought an apartment today and I'm trying to remove some furniture and replace it with others.


When I do /fur the menu comes up.  When I click on "Manage Furniture" nothing happens.  When I click on "Manage Furniture (Click Mode)" and then click on a piece of furniture, nothing happens.


The interior is the same a Franklin's Aunt from the SP game.  I'm wondering if the interior is, like, pre-rendered or something and those pieces cannot be removed. 


Any help I could get would be amazing.

Thanks in advance

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Hi, you are not able to remove furnishing from a SP modeled interior, you are able tho to request a custom interior/changed interior from the UCP and furnish yourself via the menus. This can be found under the property request section.

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