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Crashing problem within 1 minute of being in the game.


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Unsure if I'm the only one who has this problem, probably not but as of now I might be the only one being pissy about it. So for the past few days I'd say three to four days I've been battling RageMP. So I haven't played for two or so months and wanted to come back to something new, with that being said I knew my game, Gta V and RageMP wouldn't be up to par with updates and such. Now I know I could've just updated my game but I recon I could just start all over. So what I did was I deleted my Gta V and RageMP and re-installed them. At first I installed my Gta V on the address: I:\Games\Gta V\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V - And my RageMP on the same address being in disk I. So what happened was it asked me to verify my files and I did after that it let me in but upon the loading being done it showed me a crash report although let me play for like a minute or so before my game froze and I had to force shut it down. So what I did was I asked on Discord the support chat and I was guided by someone who told me to change the disks of Gta V and RageMP so that's what I did. I left my Gta V game on the same disk but changed my RageMP to disk C and still the same problem. I then put them back on the same disk it being the disk I, same thing. I made sure I verify my game files again so no mods are there or nothing but still the same thing. I also downloaded Visual C++ and Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 (Offline Installer) that are both recommended in the Discord troubleshooting channel.
I am completely out of ideas so I'm hoping someone can reach out and help me with this, thanks.

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