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Please don't add anymore snow after this one, here's why. [POLL ATTACHED]


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Just now, Sammux said:

AFAIK everyone has discord right, or atleast a majority. Even the people that are mature, do have discord, and #announcements isn't plagued by everything that goes on in general, no?


Discord that's being spammed by hundred people is not the thing I'm checking on a daily basis, as far as I can remember, management didn't even tag everyone - no tag = I surely won't open it. Big things, as implementing the snow on the server needs to be discussed on the forums for two or three days, the poll needs to stay for two or three days on the forums, not like opening the poll for an hour or two. It's funny, but okay bro, you love the snow, I can't do nothing to remove it, you play on it, I won't until the snow gets removed. It's pointless to discuss it when you can't provide a single good argument. Simple as that, I wish you a beautiful morning and the rest of the day. Have a good one. /q

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1 minute ago, Sammux said:

AFAIK everyone has discord right, or atleast a majority. Even the people that are mature, do have discord, and #announcements isn't plagued by everything that goes on in general, no?


Sorry, a lot of people don't go on Discord or aren't active in its discussion. Woona says that the admin team made their decision regardless of the vote, but the sole fact people are referring to that vote as the symbol of unanimous agreement to have snow is just baffling to say the least. The sole fact this discussion has exploded to 9 pages in 3 hours should mean enough.

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2 hours ago, Wolfgang said:

About the interiors part, an admin probably Pillsbury announced that: Nervous will come online and get a fix (if that's a majority issue) secondly "snow" addition is something new to the roleplay. If you are opposed to it. Many people supported it, that's why it won in the first place. So, It's really not immersion breaking except you realistically driving a car, not drifting in the corners and wearing appropriate clothing like jackets and sweaters.

It's clearly not /immersion-breaking/ as It's claimed to be. It's just a test-addition, opposing it for like (mere 2 days) won't get anyone anything.

*just for reference, Pillsbury only announced that we should all be following rules for the snow*

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3 hours ago, Naeno said:

Deathmatchers don't read that Discord but they sure as hell read the forums to respond to forum reports and ban appeals.

lol this


I'd rather keep Deathmatchers out of every single community vote rather then have them vote on even the slightest rule change.


just my two cents of the matter.

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mfw I live in Northern Europe and a state with a desert wasteland has more snow than we have.


If you want snow add it in the mountainous areas of San Andreas, like Mt. Chilliad etc. There's snow in Cali, but in its mountainous areas. In winter it rains a lot in California


Source: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Climate_of_California#:~:text=California's climate varies widely from,cooler%2C wetter weather in winter.



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I absolutely adore the snow. I think snow should have a bigger prevalence on the server. After all, this isn't Los Angeles. It's Los Santos. And it makes for amazing roleplay opportunities, from policing in frozen streets, to FD rescuing people from MVAs, to weed farmers having their crops "burned" because of the cold and there being a shortage, leading to hydroponics rp, to everything. More like this snow thingy admins. Thank you!

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I see a few problems with this approach.


If the admin team decided that it was going to snow in San Andreas why was there a poll in the first place? I don't think snow should have been added if the decision was entirely on management's shoulders. If the poll was taken into account, perhaps I'm misremembering it but it only ran for a few hours. It should have been voted on the forums or in-game, weeks in advance to give everyone a chance to chime in.


I personally don't care about snow but I wouldn't add it either. Firstly because it raises concerns about continuity and secondly because it snows inside interiors. Features shouldn't ship with bugs as visible / detectable as this.

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I personally think that snow is fine, and should have an increased presence on the server. This is GTAW Roleplay, not LA roleplay, this is a FICTIONALISED portrayal of Los Angeles - take everything with a grain of salt, and stop whining about two days of snow per selected months - it is what it is, and you'll just have to deal with it. If you don't want to take part in the days where it's snowing? Go for, no one's stopping you.


People are getting WAY too worked up about what is basically a unique event (if thats what you want to call it.). Take everything into perspective here folks, you're complaining about a feature within a roleplay server, and demanding realism. The two will never connect fully, as much as we plead and try.


As said before, take a grain of salt and just deal with it. Feedback will cause change, not pointless bashing.

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28 minutes ago, Pillsbury said:

*just for reference, Pillsbury only announced that we should all be following rules for the snow*

maybe someone else then lol it was Glocal OOC and i saw one announcement by you -Pillsbury (which i remember) 😮 so sowwy if that was wrong mixed two Global OOC's

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