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Please don't add anymore snow after this one, here's why. [POLL ATTACHED]


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5 hours ago, Naeno said:

Honestly just want it removed because it's completely broken interiors. All the furniture in the interior is just white.

Literally this. I've got 2 interiors to map today as I won't have time through the week and everything is white..... fix first then let it snow.

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4 minutes ago, yerro said:

There's plenty of issues the majority would agree on that would harm the server. Like, for example, that discussion thread claiming that people shouldn't be allowed to RP characters that were started in other communities. I'm pretty sure if we started talking about some controversial topics, we'd probably end up banning a lot of concepts because of the elitism prevalent in this community.


Doesn't mean that's what this community should strive towards.


You're missing the point here — there's a massive gap in the trade-off. You're voting in favor of a bit of fun, we're voting to keep our setting sane for us to roleplay in.


If I'm allowed to speak for other like-minded people, we joined this community on the premise of RPing in a specific setting. There's a reason I went to roleplay in a GTA V-based community instead of, say, Second Life, WoW, or other. That setting is something you just don't mess with, and turning on snow on a whim is quite literally the type of nonsensical shitfuckery that makes me and people like me feel detached from the setting and not want to roleplay.

You like snow, I get that. I honestly don't mind it. But how about you go and play games where snow is a sensible part of the game, like Red Dead Redemption 2 / RDO instead of trying to ruin the setting for other people just because you "want to have some fun".


Someone on Discord mentioned that having snow in an area where it wouldn't snow is a compromise, and I get that. But it's a compromise you're willing to make, not us. That's why this thread exists. That's why there's a considerable number of people voting to have it removed. That's why there needs to be a staff decision on this, because if we go by the opinion shared by the majority (or let alone, the Discord majority), this community's going to go to shit /real/ fast.

I'm guessing that your motivation to RP on GTAW and not Second Life, considering setting alone is that it has the scale and is moderately grounded in reality, not because you thought that it would have a realistic weather system, right? I don't honestly mind losing the snow, hell, if the vote would've gone the other way, I wouldn't have minded it whatsoever.

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1 minute ago, Alyssa McCarthy said:

I understand the 'fun' argument, but it's inherently a poor argument to make


2 minutes ago, Alyssa McCarthy said:

the next time some davis gangbanger annoys you and claim's it's for fun, are you going to be forgiving because fun should trump realism (the argument you are making here), or are people playing the 'fun' card here suddenly going to start crying fowl?


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Also I think people are a bit too focused on realism and are forgetting that RP also revolves around suspension of disbelief, also known as not looking at things in depth all the time so that you can still enjoy a piece of fiction.

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3 hours ago, mj2002 said:

If the interiors can be fixed, I'd love to keep the snow for the next two months. 


Some people are getting too aggressive over this discussion, I agree that snow is meh, but no need to grab pitchforks.

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1 minute ago, Sammux said:

Also I think people are a bit too focused on realism and are forgetting that RP also revolves around suspension of disbelief, also known as not looking at things in depth all the time so that you can still enjoy a piece of fiction.

Again, I'm not enforcing my RP standards on anyone else. I don't think light RPers shouldn't be allowed on the server. I'm not saying I'm the most hardcore roleplayer either.


But the nature of these communities is, they're a playground. We all tend to form groups that roleplay at a certain level. Some of us are looking for some gritty, realistic experiences while others prefer to go for the compromise and sacrifice realism for fun.


Both are valid.


Thing is, I'm not telling you how to roleplay, and you frankly shouldn't be telling me how to roleplay. It's my choice to focus on realism, and I'm not forcing you to do the same. But when you mess with the setting that's at the core of the game, you're changing this playground for everyone involved. That's why people are up in arms about it.

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I can only say for myself that I really like snow, and its only here until 24th its not like we're gonna be having snow for the whole month. I think it creates some nice roleplays around it even though its technically an "event". I would agree on the interior, if there's a way to set the snow only for dim 0 that would be great so the snow doesn't ruin interiors.


I get it that it's not realistic for Los Angeles to have snow, but it wouldn't hurt to make Los Santos (another version of LA, if you will) to have snow for three days.

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