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Please don't add anymore snow after this one, here's why. [POLL ATTACHED]


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There was apparently a poll posted on the GTAW Discord that determined wether snow would be added to the server or not. That poll, from what I know, was never posted on the forums. The forums have far more viewage and numbers than a Discord no one pays attention to. There is a very small section of the userbase on this server that actually interacts on the GTAW Discord. 

Everyone uses the forums. Deathmatchers don't read that Discord but they sure as hell read the forums to respond to forum reports and ban appeals.

Interiors are completely ruined and apparently there is no fix (according to admins). They are just filled with snow all over the objects. People paid IRL money for their interiors and now they're just unsuable for 3 days. /pweather doesn't even fix it either.

Can we please have another poll? 


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1 minute ago, Juicebox said:

Everyone crying about the realism of snow but when people go 120 mph through the city its okay because "the streets are empty" 🤣


Makes sense.

So as opposed to having solely one problem regarding realism, you'd rather have two?


Makes sense.

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I only found out about the poll AFTER it closed because someone happened to mention it in my factions discord. Heavily fucking opposed to adding snow to the server, especially when it fucks up interiors. 


In the entire recorded history of weather in LA, it has snowed a grand total of 3 times. 1882, 1932 and 1949. 




Also, as someone who lives in a frozen tundra 6 months out of the year. SNOWING and SNOW are two very different things. Yes it can be snowing in LA but they do not get snow because the ground temp never gets down to the point where snow doesn't melt immediately upon impact. It does not accumulate.


There are a few other reasons as to why snow wouldn't accumulate in southern California but I ain't no science wiz so I'm not getting into that.

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