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FPS drops in clubs

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choda996    0

Hello, I'm having problem with fps dropping in clubs, now I'm not sure if it's just me or is everyone else having this issue. My specs are

Ryzen 2600x

RX 580

16 gigs of RAM


If you got any advice how to fix this please share it with me, thanks 🙂

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Everyone has this issue, it's just the way the interiors are optimized. I get 60fps outside but 33 or less in packed clubs and around 40 in my small apartment interior. 

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Marksman    254

It's because they spam the interior with lights which tanks your FPS.

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Woona    11
2 hours ago, choda996 said:

Is there any specific graphic setting that I need to lower to make it better?

You could ease the lag just a bit by turning off MSAA to 0, bur it's not worth turning down any other game options during the times you're in the club due to the time to restart the game. 


This does happen to me and I have a higher-end system. 

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Am I the only one who actually has more FPS in clubs? And less outside?


on topic: try turning MSAA off, together with scaling.

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Pathway    45

no fix for this i run 120fps outdoors and my fps can drop to 30 in some interiors, just how it goes.

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