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Pablo "Rugrat" Salazar

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Pablo Salazar, commonly known as Rugrat is a well known gang-member throughout majority of South Los Santos, specifically Chamberlain Hills. Pablo resided within Chamberlain Hills, an area infested with the local Chamberlain Varrio Tortilla Flats 13 gang. Introduced at a young age, Pablo affiliated himself with the gang, often participating in brawls and various illicit activities under GUNNERS. He quickly built a name for himself due to his surplus energy and personality, leading to his alias, Rugrat. 


Pablo came from a broken home, often experiencing mental and physical abuse from his father Cristian Salazar while his stay-at-home mother resorted to skante as an escape of the family's troubles. He resorted to the local gang as a replacement for his biological family, eventually cutting ties with his original family. Pablo was addicted to video-games when he was younger, often bragging about his skills on FaceBrowser and to the residents of the Flats. His addictive personality branched out to various gate-way drugs, starting with xanax and slowly investing itself into cocaine


Many years after his induction into the gang, a massive power surge was experienced within the gang, resulting in Rugrat stepping into an unusual position. He proclaimed a greater title and was tasked with various different responsibilities, along with abnormal levels of stress and anxiety. His past-anxiety issues surfaced again, this time around using cocaine as a replacement for his medication. Rugrat, along with Lil Demonio took control of the gang, managing income and relations with various other sets throughout Los Santos. 


Years later, Rugrat had assumed a primary leadership position within the gang, maintaining strong relations with those he most trusted, namely Silent and Bandit. After establishing a sustainable presence for the gang, he was approached by Scrappy to which he was tasked with various responsibilities, responsibilities he believed he could uphold.


When Pablo was sixteen, his girlfriend gave birth to a nuisance of what cannot be referred to as a child, namely Charlie Salazar.






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