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Space Station 13


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Hey, anyone else know this incredible game?

Space Station 13 is a game that doesn't stand out for its graphics but for its gameplay and unique sandbox feeling.

It's indeed a RP server where you are expected to get into your character's skin, respecting OOC channels and using the proper format for actions like we do with /me.

In SS13 you get to roleplay a worker in a Station in outer space, be it the chef, janitor, security agent, barman, head of personnel, medic, engineer, or even a robot or the AI of the Station itself.

There are two type of servers, regarding the level of RP required but mainly regarding the match duration. Normal servers select an antagonist who's a person with certain objectives to keep secret, usually provoking damages to the station to the point everyone has to be evacuated or killing the captain. Extended servers are those usually preferred by the hardcore RP community where an antagonist may not be chosen but random events would happen in the station, as well as admins can create RP content, choose an occasional antag, etc.

So for example being the antag and working as a medic you can get an accomplice at engineering to spread some illness through ventilation. You can fuck atmospherics if you're an engineer or poison the food if you're the cook with some drugs provided by the botanists, or you can be a simple janitor and through hacking doors and stealth get wherever you need. The sky's the limit if you have the knowledge.

Also, regardint the match type, rp enviroment changes as an antag can be just a traitor, a worker's revolution, a cult, a xenomorph which just got out of the egg...

The game itself is pretty complicated and the freedom of actions is huge. Having the engineer knowledge to maintain the station functional and safe is a very hard road to walk, as well as Science and research and medical jobs. I'd recommend starting as a janitor cleaning floors to take a hold of the game mechanics and go up to barman, botanist, etc.

Seriousness is required in the heavy RP servers but always having in mind that the game has somewhat of a comical intention. Be paranoid of everyone being a traitor and try not to die and get your brain put into a monkey.

If anyone is down let me know, we can set up something maybe.


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Lastly it seems that both Oney and Sseth youtubers have popularized the game. Pasting here one of their reviews as it perfectly nails the spirit of the game. Still after being a gamer for practically my entire life this game holds a unique place as a brilliant idea that managed to be pulled off.


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Damn my Spanish mate right here knowing the game. I mainly play on Aurora but I'd like to establish on somewhere with a less strict RP environment so things go a little faster. For example I usually play CSI so if you begin at roundstart you have to wait about an hour before the action begins.

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Do I remember this game?

I remember using the parcel delivery system to ensure that my plasma bombs arrived to the correct destination.

I remember using a laptop hacked into the security feed to ensure that my target was close enough to the bomb to open it.

I remember using my remote detonator and the frantic cries for help that resulted.


Oh, have I loved this game.

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