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/examine but for cars


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Short description: Upon entering a car receive a message about the car's description in the chat that can be set up by the owner.

Detailed description: The owner can set a description about his car that would be noticed upon entering it as a driver or passenger, you can include stuff like the car's interior material, the steering wheel, deodorizers, LEDs and other accessories.

Commands to add: An addition to this suggestion would be the possibility to see the car's description from outside by using the command "/examinecar [ID (the ID of any driver or passenger)]" or "/examinecar [PLATES]" if the car is empty but you still want to see it's description. Would be great if /examinecar had a shortened version like /excar that'd be also available.

Items to add: N/A

How would your suggestion improve the server?: I personally believe that, if implemented, this suggestion will bring more roleplay opportunities around cars granting every player a chance to make theirs unique according to their culture and likings which will result in a more realistic character portrayal.

Additional information: N/A






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