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Top Posters In This Topic

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As a record label, it would be obvious that we make music right? Magnolia Records mostly provides a mixture of Rap, R&B, and Hip-Hop. We provide quality work to our audience and even for those who

Starting up a competition soon; capture yourself. Stay tuned for details.         Competition is ON!

lyrics:i swear im gettin fucked upwe pull up in the mack truckwith 30 MACs and a magnumsay sum & we act upwe'll turn your name into a captionits dark out here you gotta move with cautiontuck that

New Song Out Now - Hate by Logan

i hate u i wish i didnt hate u but i hate u
wish i didnt give up everything for u
i hate that i loved you and i hate myself
i wish u wouldve showed me who u was from the start
u act fake and u a hoe ua switch up for a check
thats why i told u last night i just want the neck

ive been tryna get away
since i started
u havent looked my way
since i started
and i understand
for the shit i do u cant stand
and please understand
if i die right here u gotta take the pills out my hand
u tell me get sober thats alot to demand
label tell me keep goin cause its good for my brand

Don't miss out on tonight's grand opening!
Magnolia Records x Hades - Los Santos' Premiere Hip Hop Themed Club
Starring Logan, Hugo, CountEmClay & DJ Kenta.
10 PM.

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