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New Song Out Now - Waves by Logan

i really need my bread lil homie like a big mac
always keep a strap big chop thats that big mac
see me in the streets homie u better step back
get back sit back choppa got that kick back

i dont ride waves lil bitch yall do that
pull up to the scene wit my homie where the stu at
a hunnid for my guys like homie where them blues at
magnolia on top lil bitch u know we do that

its logan
u dont wanna kick it but yo bitch do
im wit the gang an we pull up wit the big crew
suckas only see the outside not what u been through
why u so worried bout my bands i dont know u
thats a awful lot of syrup all these suckas never knew me
i got air force on my feet bitch im hot like a jacuzzi
u a dumb ass bitch if u ever try to fool me
when i take them chains off way i look kinda gloomy
im a hardhead but my bank account six figures
poured a four in my cup im tryna watch my figure
u aint been where i been got the mind of a winner
and yo bitch on my dick stuck like a fuckin sticker
bitch my whole team drippin drippin water like a river
i think my blower should be famous cause my stick a singer
need a big stack of paper i aint talkin bout printers

if u test me u dont know whats at stake
im fuckin on your mama she just called yo ass a big mistake
if i see u rock a chain then guess what ima fuckin take
u say u from the set but the set said that u a fuckin fake
saw yo bitch she ugly but that bitch had cake
so i told her drop it low she aint hesitate
i saw her blush when i said i like her shape
i was talkin to yo homie he just called yo ass a snake
fuck B Z i heard you got your chain snatch
u a pussy and ur shit wack
bitch u can not talk to me
the day that we leave u slumped its lovely
all ur fit pics lookin bummy
if u really from the set u a crash dummy
i heard ur ep and that shit dumb trash
every thing i drop is a hit like splash

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New Song Out Now - Payroll by Logan ft. DrillBill

i always break bread when im with my bro
remember back when i aint had no dough
yeah but u already know
i always had killas on my payroll

I always had a killer on my payroll
Ever since I got into it with them lil bitches up way north
Got the glizzy I ain't shy though
Runnin with the pack, my dogs wit me like Shiloh
Lean in the styrofoam, lookin like a silo
Finna go psycho, I'm off the psilocybin
The demon in my head communicating through my eyelids
Got me playin mind tricks, walls turning vibrant
The toxicity in my city spreadin like a virus
My lil cousin charged with murder 2, I'm just hoping he don't get murdered too
He plead down for that shit, he stayed down for his clique
He facing 30 now, he don't never see the sun come down
Livin like this, puttin bands on his books, since I ain't got the time to visit
Back when I ain't had a pot to piss in, I was scrapin bills together before Bill had the no limit Amex
Back when I thought it was pronounced Patek
When I had to grind for that paycheck,
Long nights had me lookin like a train wreck, now I can't seem to shake this fragrance
I glowed up, they ain't got nothin left to say to me
I pulled up, with like 30K damn it's like 300k to me
It's perspectives when you live a certain way than me
They can't relate to me, I remember back then

i know my crew wit it on my side we silent
no co-d when i slide it get violent
like my number 24 i shoot like im bryant
dont fuck wit my money or its boutta be a riot
fuck my dawg just caught a case
his daughter only two that shit is hard to take
tryna clear my mind but that shit is hard to shake
all these drugs put my mind in outer space
im smoke this l take it right to the face
always on the run to the money its a race
so i aint ever finna stop at any one place
swear to god i think this blunt is laced fuck
blue hunnids what i use to wipe my tears
but it dont take the pain away from all the years
i hate being broke going back my only fear
yeah i rap now turned this shit to a career
had to leave a couple people way back in the rear
had to cut the grass its alotta snakes out here
but u already know
its logan

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New Song Out Now - Red Lights by DrillBill

we gon slide
thru yo side of town way off in the night yea
till sunrise
if we dont find u, we gon find u at the light
past nine i dont stop at red lights no no

goin 125 in the night time,
I can't stop at red lights, cause I might die
u cant get no feature from me unless u pay the price
i got vices
we gon twist up, drink up, i got ice now
mix it with the Sprite, it taste nice now
his bitch choosin, he wanna fight now
she like my music, dont let her outta sight
i might act up
even if we cool
aint no tellin what i do
off that mixture
i got blisters
counting all these hundreds
gettin richer
wocky slush in my elixir
billy da kid
cant wife up no bitch
its too much to give to these hoes
billy da kid
swear he da shit
and they know they know

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