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im on my fly shit, big boy pockets, need to cop it
drip like faucet, hate i dodge it, they just copy
besides the fact u dishonest, how ironic
im smokin on the unleaded like when i dump it

new fenti runners pull em out just for the summer
spikes on my louis vuittion look like teeth on pirahanas
fuck boy keep plotting, keep that pole jus like a plumber
big glocks n choppers red dot em, yeah we got em

fuck you thought i wasn gone make it to the top hoe
fuck you thought yo bitch luh you she the squad hoe
how the fuck you say you real, bitch you fraud tho
talkin all that smack but you flawed tho

been the same homie from the jump right
know i stay the realest, i come right
pick the bag up, an go secure the funds right
been the same homie from the jump right

i need my cash bitch, where my bread hoe?
can mix bidness over pleasure what i said hoe?
jus check that money cant be stuntin on these damn hoes
dese ones fa you but ima keep the bag hoe

call my homies cus they showup when i need em most
never really had the time for a needy hoe
i might feed this hard dick to a greedy hoe
told myself cant take that pussy unless it fiji hoe

lil bitch i finish like im harden with the fingeroll
go put some bidness on yo mind, gone mind your bidness hoe
watch yo back might take the spine outa bitch, oh
we hunt you down until we find you luh bitch, yuh




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I'M SORRY - drillbill™

it aint all sunshine livin like this
i put my life on the front lines
im in their mouth like a punchline
the shit i write sometimes from the inside

140 make me feel alive
gettin high just to pass the time
ill be a burden in the afterlife
bury me in a shallow site
im on the road, she callin
i dont really know, but she all in
its been a couple months, she fallin
outta love
im sorry, im sorry
dead beat tryna go mainstream
tears in her eyes now she cant see
started w a daydream now im on the TV
in the two seater goin 140



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New Song Out Now - Demise by Logan

i wish that i could change and i swear to god i try
i know that ur mad but i never wanna see u cry
looking in the mirror just another thing that i despise
come over and take look at my demise

baby would u just see me for who i am
im no good for you so delete me out your plan
fuck i think im going too far man
fuck i think im getting too high damn
bitch u left me fucked up
im a hypocrite and its fucked up
im an alcoholic throwing up in the club
i swear to god i do this every fucking night

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