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i swear im gettin fucked up
we pull up in the mack truck
with 30 MACs and a magnum
say sum & we act up
we'll turn your name into a caption
its dark out here you gotta move with caution
tuck that necklace in ur hoodie, hold ur car keys when u crossin
cuz Ace got the blick and he hold it like an option
he never pass that shit to nobody else no adoption
he way outta pocket the way he roll out the pocket
and send shots to the offense yea
he could get drafted tomorrow, hot like an auction
when common sense just aint that common
u walk to me u ask to be forgotten
pleading forgiveness knowing damn well we heartless
pull back, shoot u down like Melo
we aint for the talking leave that to Conan and Leno





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I ain't got a whip I'm riding on a satellite
swear to God I'm from another planet
way I'm getting high
looking for no love I only want her for the night
all them feelings that you say you have keep them out the light

[Count Em Clay]
my bitch freaky, she so needy
always want that money
always speeding, in that demon,
headed to that honey

get that check, flip that rack
spend that money, get that bag
why they hating, why you mad
fuck them bitch ass pussys

foot on the gas and we speeding in my satellite
in the coupe, drop the roof to get the feeling right
I'm off a bean and lil shorty is my appetite
can't my feel my face when I'm with you, you my parasite

yo mama come and sit that, ass down
body looking like u need a pat down
all my exes off in the background
hit it from the back she don't back down
she pop a seal
shot after shot like she blow it out
baby tonight lets go all out
like this ends tomorrow the fallout

I don't wanna know how you feel keep me out your mouth
I don't wanna move on with u
I wanna be by myself
you call my phone saying that you might need my help
I don't wanna help you cause you just tryna help yourself
if I think you fake you can't be my friend
me myself and I the only one on that I can depend
roll it up quick watch me smoke it up and then ascend
I ain't scared of heights but I swear I'm scared as fuck of the descent

I ain't got a whip I'm riding on a satellite
from another planet cause I'm way too high
It's way too clear to see I'm from another place
feel like I ain't even part of the human race


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